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Founder & President

Bridget Palitz

I am Bridget Palitz, president of Shortfuse Marketing. I founded my firm in 2009 to turn the agency experience on its head. Making it smaller. Simpler. Better.​

I have been managing strategic public relations and marketing programs in San Diego for over 25 years. After 14 years leading a team in a traditional agency setting, I have spent the last 12+ years as a solo practitioner, working personally, one-on-one, with a small number of clients I feel particularly passionate about to develop creative public relations and marketing programs that make a significant impact on the organization.​

I wear many hats. Sometimes I’m the PR agency supporting the internal marketing staff. Other times, I am the organization’s entire marketing department. Either way, my clients trust me as a key member of their management team. Together we make amazing things happen.​

Because big or small, winning brands begin with personal connections.

That is the magic that sparks the idea. That lights the fuse. And makes the impact.

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