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EasyTurf Keeps American Dream of a Green Lawn Alive in Drought-Stricken California

SAN DIEGO —A lush, green lawn is as American as apple pie and baseball. It’s where kids play, dogs roam and family memories are made. But this love affair with turf is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain—and justify—given California’s severe ongoing drought and stringent new water-use restrictions.

For many local homeowners concerned about saving water, it’s a heart-breaking set of choices—tearing up their beloved grass in lieu of cactus and rocks, living with an ugly dead lawn or facing stiff financial penalties and budget-busting water bills. However, another water-wise landscaping option, synthetic turf, is rapidly gaining popularity and keeping the American dream of grass alive in the water-starved West.

“Given the dire water situation in California, xeriscaping makes sense for some homeowners, but it is not for everyone,” said David Hartman, president of EasyTurf, Southern California’s largest synthetic turf company for over 15 years. “Soft, comfortable and useable green space plays an important role in the daily lives of many families, and modern synthetic turf can fill that need in a truly aesthetically pleasing and water-responsible way.”

Consider this: According to a 2015 Harris Poll study on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 82 percent of respondents think it’s important to spend time in their yards. It’s also a source of personal and neighborhood pride, with 90 percent of people valuing a yard that is “well-maintained.”

Such a standard typically requires considerable irrigation in hot, dry climates like California. Yet, for many lawn-loving Americans, a yard just isn’t a yard without lots of lush grass that makes the neighbors green with envy. EasyTurf offers the best of both worlds–greenery without the guilt.

“It’s important to remember that xeriscaping doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing solution,” added Hartman. “A thoughtful balance of drought-tolerant plants, hardscaping and synthetic turf can provide a beautiful, functional and water-wise yard that allows homeowners to truly enjoy the outdoor California lifestyle.”

When planning a landscape update, homeowners should think beyond the obvious water savings and also consider the practical functions they need their yard to serve throughout the year, making sure their choices account for the safety, comfort and convenience of the entire family. EasyTurf, combined with traditional xeriscaping options, offers the ideal drought-smart landscaping solution.

About EasyTurf®

EasyTurf is the exclusive Northern American supplier of FieldTurf®, providing environmentally friendly lawns, recreational fields, playgrounds, putting greens and conservation plans for communities throughout North America. The state-of-the-art turf offers realism, drainage and durability for both residential and commercial applications. The company is based in Vista, California (northern San Diego County). More information is available at or by calling (866) 352-0233.


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