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Avenue3 Realty Launches in Orange County, San Diego with Innovative Approach to Home-Selling That Bo

SAN DIEGO AND ORANGE COUNTY, CALIF. – Avenue3 Realty announced today that it has launched in Orange and San Diego Counties with an innovative, three-step approach to home-selling that helps sellers find the best path to maximum profit on the sale of their home. The firm combines the services of veteran real estate listing agents with licensed building contractors to boost a home’s value so it sells faster and at a higher price, all without any out-of-pocket cost to the homeowner. Avenue3 also offers a robust Seller’s Assistance Program to ease the financial stress of the selling and moving process.

Avenue3’s unique approach involves three steps:

  • Assess – Avenue3 conducts a thorough assessment of the home to identify which improvements, updates or repairs will return maximum profit, working with the homeowner to develop a game plan and budget to achieve their goals. Avenue3 takes care of all up-front costs.

  • Assist – Avenue3’s team of trusted, licensed contractors then get to work on the improvements. Avenue3 provides hands-on management of the entire process, ensuring high-quality work is completed on-time and on-budget.

  • Sell – While renovations are wrapping up, Avenue3’s team of experienced listing agents develop a competitive sales strategy to sell the home as quickly as possible for the highest possible price. They book photographers, create flyers, organize open houses and manage every aspect of the home’s listing to make it a stress-free experience for the seller.

“Let’s face it, the ‘perfect home’ is rare and sellers are leaving money on the table by not considering their home’s full sales potential,” said Angelina Sciarrino, CEO, owner and associate broker for Avenue3. “But, we know that investing precious dollars into a home you already want to sell is not appealing, or even possible, for a lot of sellers. That’s why we invest our own time and money making the improvements to relieve the burden on sellers. When the home sells, we earn our commission and get repaid for the work we’ve done and the seller keeps the extra profit from the increased value of the home.”

Another key element of the Avenue3 approach is its robust Seller’s Assistance Program, which is designed to help relieve any financial distress during the home-selling process. Avenue3 can provide cash advances for rental expenses, moving fees and other transition costs; help with mortgage payments; provide equity advances before the home sells; and offer assistance with foreclosure prevention and distressed sales. No income verification or credit check is ever required. As long as the home has sufficient equity, Avenue3 is ready to work.

Avenue3’s comprehensive seller support services are ideal for families experiencing major life transitions, such as selling a home for an aging relative who may be moving into a retirement home or an assisted living facility. Oftentimes these seniors have lived in their current homes for decades and it’s normal for things to be outdated or for certain repairs to have been deferred, which can dramatically decrease the home’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

“We understand these can be stressful and challenging times for families,” said Avenue3 General Manager John Picot. “We’re able to take care of all of the details associated with the improvement, listing and moving process so that the sellers can focus on their families. In our experience, the increased profits they earn at the sale of their family home can make a big difference in providing financial security for the next stage of their lives.”

Consider this: The median home in Orange County was built in 1975, when shag carpeting, wood paneling, popcorn ceilings and avocado green appliances were coveted design features. According to the 2016 American Community Survey, 95 percent of the homes in the county were built before 1990, and 79 percent before 1980. Home values vary greatly depending on the age of property – with $729,000 as the median home value for homes built in the 2000s and $558,300 for homes built in the 1980s. There is a great deal of potential to transform outdated properties into the improved and modernized homes today’s buyers are looking for–and are also willing to pay more for.

“The fact that freshly updated and improved homes are more attractive to buyers is no secret,” said Gina Scafani, Avenue3’s CFO, owner and broker. “The challenge, however, is deciding which improvements to make to a property to get maximum profit from the sale, without spending unnecessary dollars. That’s where we come in. With decades of experience as seasoned listing agents and home improvement experts, we find the sweet-spot for marketability and profit, without over-spending or over-improving for the neighborhood or target buyer.”

The Avenue3 leadership team is comprised of the three principals, Angelina Sciarrino, Gina Scafani and John Picot, who have over 85 years of combined experience working in the real estate renovation business in Southern California. They have been involved in over 350 renovations and sales since 2008. Every member of the Avenue3 team has completed advanced training and has extensive knowledge and expertise in the San Diego and Orange County markets. Avenue3 is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and all renovations are guaranteed for up to one year after completion.

To get a free home evaluation and learn more about how Avenue3 Realty can help you find the path to maximum profit from the sale of your home, call (844) 714-2833.

About Avenue3 Realty

Avenue3 Realty is a full-service, Southern California-based residential real estate brokerage and home improvement contractor with offices in Rancho Santa Margarita (Orange County) and Carlsbad (San Diego County). More information is available at

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