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Economist/Demographer Alan Nevin Releases New Book, The Great Divide

SAN DIEGO – Distinguished economist and demographer Alan Nevin has announced the release of his latest published work, The Great Divide: The True Story of America Tomorrow, which is now available on Amazon.

Written in a highly readable style, the book forecasts the demographic and economic future of the United States and other industrialized countries, with a particular emphasis on the economic impact of aging populations. The book has already reached an international audience, with sales in more than a dozen countries around the world.

The Great Divide is a reference to the author’s division of nations and states into “winners” and “losers.” Within the United States, the book focuses on the 14 states, including California, Florida and Texas, that will account for 75 percent of the population and employment growth over the next quarter-century and the impact of immigration on economic expansion. From a broader perspective, the book also provides a vivid view of where individuals and businesses should invest their money in the years ahead.

“The Great Divide is a high-level…summary of major trends in national and international economic development with predictions about the zones likely to be strongest in the near future,” states Kirkus Review. “The author demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of major economic data categories from media workforce age to housing prices to cross-industry metrics. The conclusions he draws about other countries’ economic viability are often sweeping and unconventional.”

The book, two years in the making, includes more than 130 easy-to-digest exhibits, photos and graphics. It is available in a printed edition as well as on Kindle on Amazon.

Nevin is based in San Diego and has been providing consulting advice, expert witness opinions and academic instruction for over 30 years. He currently serves as director of economic and market research with Xpera Group, the West Coast’s most comprehensive group of real estate and construction consulting experts. A Stanford University graduate, Nevin has served as chief economist for the California Building Industry Association and is the co-founder of the U.C. San Diego Economics Roundtable. He is regularly invited to speak to regional and national professional audiences.

More information about The Great Divide, including a brief introductory video and links to purchase the book, can be found on the Xpera Group website.

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